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Rusty, Blocked, Lies and leak seal…why is it always on a Friday?


These blogs are an informal window into what we come up against. UK Leak Detection try to be fair and not book the impossible to get 'any' job booked in. One of the questions we ask is "how long to lose boiler pressure?" to decide if its months, or a few days or even hours. If its months to lose boiler pressure, then February is probably not the best time to try! We also ask "Is there leak seal in the system?" and if so when? On a job recently, when our engineer was pretty much getting rusty gravy out [...]

Rusty, Blocked, Lies and leak seal…why is it always on a Friday?2020-12-19T09:15:41+00:00

Waste Leak in flats causes damp


It's not often that a leak is so apparent as in this property. The leak was so bad that it had saturated the whole ground floor of a block of flats and could be seen running out of the air bricks. To make it worse the leak was sewage and a real contamination issue for the residents. Fortunately we were able to identify the issue and get the residents homes cleaned, restored and redecorated.

Waste Leak in flats causes damp2019-03-06T07:06:54+00:00

UK Leak Detection go green…


UK Leak Detection go 100% paper free! In 2018 we spent time examining where we could reduce our use of resources and do our bit for the environment, as well as making it easier for our customers to access reports and paperwork from their leak detection's. I'm happy to say that we have been able to go 100% 'paper-free' for all our communications with customers since January 1st 2019 and solve not only the use of paper but also help with some of the issues our customers were having when they had mislaid reports and invoices they needed [...]

UK Leak Detection go green…2019-01-11T13:47:25+00:00

Swimming Pool Repair


It's that time of year, the sun has (finally) put in a concerted appearance and it's time to enjoy your pool! However leaks can become a real problem as they consume water and require constant attention to chemical levels, too low and it's a green pond or too high and it's like taking a swim in paint stripper! Repairing a swimming pool is often quite easy if you can find the leak, but holding your breath for an hour is a skill not many have. This is where being able to dive the pool while using our [...]

Swimming Pool Repair2020-02-18T13:44:23+00:00

PRV Leaking Pressure Relief Valve?


Do you have a leaking pressure relief valve? It's easy to drop into 'tech' speak when talking about the intricacies of a boiler. At UK Leak Detection, we believe in explaining how our process works and how parts that can cause leaks function, often we identify this common part as being faulty and this can be identified in most instances before we attend, possibly saving you the cost of leak detection. Failed PRV's are a quick leak detection for us, but not the most cost effective for our customers, it's not common but each engineers sees a [...]

PRV Leaking Pressure Relief Valve?2020-02-18T13:40:42+00:00

Why you should not use leak seal!


  A preface to this article must mention that UK Leak Detection try to avoid bookings where leak detection is unlikely to be successful. We do ask about the period of time taken to lose pressure and if applicable will offer other advice when we feel it is not the time to try and locate yet. When you have a boiler pressure problem and are losing your heating or hot water, it is understandable that you look for a quick solution and as cheap as possible, why wouldn't you! For most heating leaks, unfortunately using Leak Seal is [...]

Why you should not use leak seal!2020-12-18T13:43:51+00:00

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