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Swimming Pool Repair


It's that time of year, the sun has (finally) put in a concerted appearance and it's time to enjoy your pool! However leaks can become a real problem as they consume water and require constant attention to chemical levels, too low and it's a green pond or too high and it's like taking a swim in paint stripper! Repairing a swimming pool is often quite easy if you can find the leak, but holding your breath for an hour is a skill not many have. This is where being able to dive the pool while using our leak detection equipment becomes [...]

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PRV Leaking Pressure Relief Valve?


Do you have a leaking pressure relief valve? It's easy to drop into 'tech' speak when talking about the intricacies of a boiler. At UK Leak Detection, we believe in explaining how our process works and how parts that can cause leaks function, often we identify this common part as being faulty and this can be identified in most instances before we attend, possibly saving you the cost of leak detection. Failed PRV's are a quick leak detection for us, but not the most cost effective for our customers, it's not common but each engineers sees a failed PRV about once [...]

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Why you should not use leak seal!


Why Leak Seal is not a 'quick fix'... If you have a boiler problem, you’re looking for a quick solution and as cheap as possible. It does not come much cheaper than a bottle of leak sealant at about £20… Fernox F4 and Sentinel are very common brands, these come in a variety of applicators, from a bottle to pour into a header tank or magnet to applicators used in a radiator bleed valve and pressurized cans to inject at the fill point. Think of leak seal like a plaster, it won't last... The idea is that this fluid will only [...]

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