Paper Free at UK Leak Detection

UK Leak Detection go 100% paper free!

In 2018 we examined where we could reduce our use of resources and do our bit for the environment, as well as making it easier for our customers to access reports and paperwork from their leak detection’s.

I’m happy to say that we have been able to go 100% ‘paper-free’ for all our communications with customers since January 1st 2019 and solve not only the use of paper but also help with some of the issues our customers were having when they had mislaid reports and invoices they needed for insurance claims, water damage repair and heating leaks.

All our reports are now sent digitally and rather than holding a physical master copy, we now hold a digital database of all reports. Similarly, we now have all invoices sent across by email and this both stops the need for paper copies and duplicate sheets, but we can also send copies on if required.

Our next challenge is to look at how we use single-use plastic in our business and if that can be reduced…

Since 2020, we have been able to move some vehicles to 100% EV, sadly electric vehicles for all our equipment are not available as yet, or at least don’t have the range we need yet…

Water Leak Detection from UK Leak Detection

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