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The ONLY company confident enough to offer ‘no find – no fee’ leak detection at a very competitive price.


If you have a leaking water pipe in your home, we guarantee to find it or we will not charge you.*



“Our award winning knowledge, experience & equipment make us confident we will identify and locate your leak, with the minimum of inconvenience, damage or cost.”


For full details of what is covered in our ‘no find – no fee’ service please read our terms and conditions.


Nobody wants a water leak!

They cost money and cause damage; a water leak can even leave you cold with no heating or hot water…

In insurance terms it’s called an “escape of water” but for our customers it’s a burst pipe, a boiler losing pressure or a high water bill…a nuisance that hinders normal life.

UK Leak Detection provide an award winning technical service that insurance companies refer to as ‘trace and access’. Most customers have this cover making our service refundable.

Leak Detection

We are proud of what we do and like to keep our customers informed and help you understand the process of leak detection.

You can give us a call straight away or have a browse around the site to find out more about the technology we use, including Thermal Imaging, acoustic leak detection, correlation, tracer gas detection and many others…

There is no single ‘water leak detector’ a number of methods are used to accurately find a water leak and each depends on the type of leak and/or property.

Pipe Leak

Locating hidden pipes

UK Leak Detection invest in the highest quality equipment, not the cheapest.

Each of our engineers, carry all the equipment required and use only the highest quality ‘state of the art’ products to find a leak or burst pipe without damage to your property.

We have found leaks that have been running for more than 20 years that other leak detection companies and water authorities failed to find!

Included in our service are photographic reports for your records and to support insurance claims. Trace and Access and Escape of Water can cover the inspection cost, water damage repair and water damage restoration works.

A leaking bath or shower, can often cause large amounts of damage in a short time, we can assist in arranging drying and restoration works.

As market leaders and award winners, whether you have a water leak, damp issue or your boiler keeps losing pressure; we have helped thousands of customers to find leaks, heating problems and damp issues.

Benefits of using UK Leak Detection:


  • No-find No-fee domestic leak detection* (see terms & conditions)
  • Non-destructive leak detection
  • Help with insurance claims
  • Keep costs at a minimum
  • Stop high water bills
  • Minimize property damage and disruption
  • Provide photographic reports and recommendations
  • We can work with you existing plumber
  • Help with water damage repair
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W Cannon
Thank you for being so quick and effective in resolving my recent leak, with the insurance refund it has cost ...
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You have saved the day, waking up cold with no hot water was no joke. You found our leak so ...
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Super job, I was at my wits end and about to fill the pool in for what was a simple ...
Stefan Sedgwick
We manage an International Arena in Sheffield, which houses an ice rink. We started to develop problems a couple of ...
Denise T.
Outstanding service, explained what they could do and how much it would cost when I booked. Arrived promptly and found ...
Diane K.
Very prompt response to our leak. Excellent service, very knowledgeable and full of ideas on how to rectify the problem. ...

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