But the plumber said it was OK….Yes it’s a Friday rant again…

UK Leak Detection - Plumber Says

We often attend properties where there is a leaking heating system that needs attention to not only the leak but also other existing issues. Today, in particular, we have 2 different jobs, both have bodged parts on the heating system, this week probably another 3 or 4 jobs with issues that should have been addressed prior to our attendance.

It is not sufficient to simply turn a leaking radiator off or worse just say “I know about that”, you might know about it, but if its leaking water it will also leak the trace gas we use. It is also not ok for a plumber to not properly flush a heating system when fitting a new boiler, leaving fust and debris in the system.

Some top tips to help you from booking a leak detection too soon:

1 – If we are emptying Cola coloured water out of the system, get it flushed of add at least some “system cleaner” a few days before we attend.

2 – If any part of the system leaks in ANY way, fix it BEFORE we attend.

Our engineers will try hard to work around these issues as best they can, but there is a limit to what can be achieved on the day. Issues are invariably caused by a system either poorly maintained or action not taken in time. A clean system will accurately reveal a leak in a few hours, a dirty system will often not leak when drained and parts that already leak will do this on the day making trace gas tests inaccurate…