We are happy to publish our full terms and conditions, they are straightforward and based on common sense. If you have any particular questions, please drop us an email so you have a formal answer to rely on and we have highlighted the main bullet points below…

The biggest problems occur from a lack of access, locked doors in multiple occupancy homes, shared water mains and leaks traced to another property or area we have no access to.

We have lots of heavy kit in our vans and do ask that you try to provide parking if available and understand that meter parking or buying a parking permit is an addition to the invoice. If there is a real problem parking, please let us know when you book. Due to parking restrictions, sometimes paying for a parking ticket is the only way to accomplish leak detection or is just inevitable.

Heating systems are complex and often contaminated with rust and leak seal; we do not carry out heating leak detection on a “no find – no fee” basis. We try to filter out the impossible jobs before they are booked to avoid customer disappointment as there are things to try prior to our visit that can help.

On infrequent occasions (less than 1%) there are problems getting a heating system to work properly after a leak detection, normally due to design, maintenance or installation issues. All heating systems should be able to be drained and refilled without any problems. Still, there are times where they will not function, partially function or stop a day or so later and this is beyond our control, while we will try to advise, we accept no responsibility or costs involved. Often it is simply a case of bleeding air from the system, with a bit more water pressure in the system than usual, but there are times where you will need or want to use a local heating engineer; this is fantastically rare, but we understand it is very frustrating.

1. Inspection Access:

a. We need to ‘see’ the maximum area of floor possible; these areas need to be as uncluttered as possible.
b. We only undertake destructive or intrusive inspection under instruction.
c. Method of detection is at the discretion of our engineer, and not all equipment is applicable for every inspection.
d. We will try to work around limited access, heavily cluttered areas, refusal of methods or refusal/lack of access may result in our engineer being unable to conclude his work & our full fee will be due.
e. In multiple occupancy properties (shared accommodation or flats) we may need access to adjacent properties. Where access is not possible, or leak is beyond the client’s property, this is a chargeable visit.

2. Fees & Payment:

a. ‘No find no fee’ leak detection is per visit for domestic customers of a single dwelling, for leaks on hot/cold ‘potable’ supplies and water mains only, it excludes commercial leak detection, shared water mains as well as damp/roof investigation. Heating systems are complex and often contaminated with rust and leak seal, we explicitly do not carry out heating leak detection on a ‘no find – no fee’ basis.
b. For the successful location of a significant leak, where we suspect more leaks are present, we will attempt to detect these; however, the first leak may disguise additional leaks.
c. Additional visits if required, are charged at the current rate, but we will try to identify everything in a single visit, “no find no fee’ does not apply if you do not wish to let us continue.
d. Parking is chargeable as are parking tickets caused by no parking available (e.g. property is on a red route or has no parking permit available) as is any congestion charge LEZ/ULEZ cost to attend.
e. Payment is due before our engineer leaves. Credit/debit card, cash or Bank Transfer are acceptable forms of payment; however, personal cheques are not accepted.
f. If an appointment is made where payment is not to be made directly to our engineer on-site (e.g. landlords), payment must be made in advance unless this has been discussed when booking.
g. We do not carry out permanent repairs, any repairs made are for damage mitigation only and should be considered temporary, and without any warranty, repairs and materials are at additional cost.
i. ‘No Find no Fee’ is applicable only where UK Leak Detection is also carrying out an additional intrusive access visit ready for a repair to be made.

3. Access, Repairs & Re-commissioning of heating systems:

a. When requested our engineer will refill and bleed air from the heating system as is practical, we recommend air is bled again a week later by the occupier to remove any remaining air.
b. Where a system will not function correctly after leak detection has been carried out, we accept no liability for works required after a system has been drained for leak detection.
c. Leak detection fee is for non-invasive location by instruments or devices, and intrusive access is not included in this fee.

4. Refusal of repair/re-commissioning:

a. In the rare occasion where our engineer considers an installation dangerous or beyond repair, we reserve the right to refuse to recommission even after successful leak detection.
b. This is at the discretion of the engineer on-site, and the leak detection fee is applicable in all cases.

5. Leak detection & localization:

a. We will localize a leak to a specific area; there are certain limits to non-invasive methods and materials can shift detection results and may enlarge the area of repair to both pipework and flooring.
b. Ducting, sheaths and glued vinyl can block trace gas leak detection, we will endeavour to localize with other methods, but this may enlarge the location area.
c. Under a floor with a void we will locate a room or area of the leak using trace gas. As the gas will spread localization is much harder, using other equipment we will endeavour to reduce this area.
d. Our equipment can ‘set’ liquid leak seal (temporarily fixing the leak) we must know if leak seal is in the system, as the use of leak seal can invalidate your boiler warranty.
e. Leak detection is also considered successful where we find no leak is present from pipework in the property. (e.g. after incorrect or mistaken water authority notification or issue is damp).
f. Leak detection may identify an issue by process of elimination. (e.g., Structural ingress or damp as all pipework tested and found satisfactory)

6. Damage, Liability & Complaints:

We accept no liability for:
a. Damage during normal activities, to detect, access and/or repair a leak.
b. Damage caused by undetected leaks.
c. Failure of a repair or connection to existing pipework.
d. Blockage/failure from leak detection, access or repair.

Whilst every effort is made to locate a leak without destructive works, there is no replacement for physically accessing an area. Where there is subsequent doubt over the leak location, we will re-attend to confirm the leak location, on the basis that:

e. If our findings are proven incorrect, there will be no charge, and if we still fail to find the leak, we will refund our original fee, subject to being a ‘no find no fee’ inspection (2.a).
f. If a leak is found to be in the same area (subject to section 5) re-attendance is chargeable at the same rate as original leak detection.
g. UK Leak Detection or its agents are carrying out the intrusive access works.
h. The leak is the same rate of loss as reported for the initial inspection and no repair has been made.
i. Second visit is requested within 30 days of original detection.

There are limits to what technology can provide, and while UK Leak Detection, make efforts to ensure the accuracy of our reports, information is presented ‘as is’ with no warranty as to the accuracy and is intended for guidance only.

We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied. To ensure we can put things right as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure, and we will respond to ensure complete satisfaction.  In the unlikely event there is anything you are not satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can rectify any problems promptly.

Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising that we cannot resolve with you and you wish to refer the complaint to them, please contact them 0117 456 6031 or via their website http://www.disputeresolutionombudsman.org/which-trusted-traders-partnership/.

7. Reports, Images & Documentation:

All reports, photographs and documents remain the property of UK Leak Detection. Their dissemination, distribution and/or publication is at the discretion of UK Leak Detection who reserve the right to store documentation and images obtained during the inspection and use these as seen fit, including training, advertising and publication. UK Leak Detection will endeavour to remove anything that would identify our client or location from any images.

8. Cancellation or rescheduling appointments:

We adopt a cancellation policy common across other sectors such as dentists, clinics and lessons.
A booking made on the phone with our staff is in the diary and considered a formal booking.
Bookings cancelled or moved within 1 working day/24-hours will need to be subject to 100% charge.

For example, a Wednesday booking would need to be cancelled on Monday for no charge to be applied and a Monday booking cancelled on Thursday.

We will try to fill a moved or cancelled the appointment, and this would avoid the cancellation charge.