Swimming Pool Repair

It’s that time of year, the sun has (finally) put in a concerted appearance and it’s time to enjoy your pool! However leaks can become a real problem as they consume water and require constant attention to chemical levels, too low and it’s a green pond or too high and it’s like taking a swim […]

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PRV (pressure relief valve) leaking causing boiler pressure loss.

PRV Leaking Pressure Relief Valve?

Do you have a leaking pressure relief valve? It’s easy to drop into ‘tech’ speak when talking about the intricacies of a boiler. At UK Leak Detection, we believe in explaining how our process works and how parts that can cause leaks function, often we identify this common part as being faulty and this can […]

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Why you should not use leak seal!

Why Leak Seal is not a ‘quick fix’… If you have a boiler problem, you’re looking for a quick solution and as cheap as possible. It does not come much cheaper than a bottle of leak sealant at about £20… Fernox F4 and Sentinel are very common brands, these come in a variety of applicators, […]

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