Detecting the cause of water Damage

Water Damage

Water damage is something that every home owner or landlord fears happening in their property.

Water damage can have far reaching structural and financial consequences, that if not dealt with promptly can cause major problems in the future.

This type of damage is the main cause of loss in properties from natural floods to a dripping pipe. However it occurs, water leaks damages a property and needs prompt attention.

Water will seep into structural cavities and if left undetected will cause a major headache to deal with adding huge expense to remove and dry effectively.

Effects of Water Damage

Damp investigation

Often as a result of a leak water can penetrate into structural cavities. This can create pockets of saturation, which when undetected can mean that these areas of saturation lead to significant problems. They remain undetected and continue to cause damage over a long period of time often creating serious structural problems in the materials.

The early warning signs of damage include odours, areas of mould, condensation and moisture before seeing visible signs like material cracking, peeling and splitting.

Other clues are moisture on flooring or carpets and musty smells.

Water damage can damage household appliances and destroy upholstery or wood furniture.

Causes of water damage

There are many causes of water damage which can make identifying the source of the leak complicated.

These include broken pipes or structural issues such as windows incorrectly fitted allowing moisture and water into voids and cavities damaging the property.

Blocked waste systems often cause of water damage and bring the risk of sewage water. Dishwashers and washing machines can leak or overflow leading to damage.

Central heating systems, hot or cold feeds and leaks in roofing & defective gutters all add to the array of ways water can cause damage in your home.

Dangers of not treating the source of a water leak

It is important that property owners are able to pick out possible water damage as early as possible and to find experienced professionals to accurately find the source of the water damage if it isn’t obvious.

There are health risks linked to water damage that are important to be aware of. A common health risk is seen (or unseen) mould. A build-up of this can cause symptoms such as coughing, fatigue and skin rashes

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