The effect a leak can have on day-to-day operations, workforce and even stock damage can make these leaks a real financial challenge to any business.

The scale of water loss and associated water consumption cost is often exponentially larger than a domestic water leak.

Maintenance staff and plumbers are not equipped to locate hidden or buried leaks in without causing disruption and damage.

Many leak detection companies either do not have the equipment or struggle to grasp the size or the scale of the problem; this can often become an obstacle to commercial leak detection.

UK Leak Detection realise that a leak in the workplace can be financially worse than one in the home.

Commercial leak detection requires specialist equipment.

Without specialist equipment and knowledge, destructive and disruptive access is the only method of finding a leak. Only a small amount of disruptive works soon outweigh the cost of undertaking a technical leak detection survey. Often a building contains adopted plumbing and other issues that you would rather not maintain under a full maintenance lease.

Accurate commercial leak detection needs skilled technicians and advanced leak detection equipment.

When we put our years of experience to work for you, you can rest assured that we will be applying the latest technology and methods to locate a leak, with minimal disruption to the workplace or workforce.

While leaks in old properties are more common, new buildings are also subject to leaks for several reasons. Faulty parts, poor workmanship and pipework damaged during construction or due to faulty construction will cause leaks.

When pipe systems fail, UK Leak Detection can provide a non-invasive solution to locating your leak.

Our technologies and methods work on all types of pipework and are not limited to only water leaks. We have located leaks in fire hydrant systems, roofs, faulty construction and drainage; we even found a leak in a glycol freezing system over 18 miles long in an ice rink.

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Advantages of using UK Leak Detection

  • Prompt action
  • Accurate results
  • Minimum disruption
  • Accurate survey
  • Latest technologies
  • Commercial equipment
  • Minimise water loss
  • Reduce damage
Tracer gas used for leak detection

Tracer gas leak detection