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Leak Detection Companies hourly rate issues

Quite simply, we don’t!

We see an hourly charge as not acting in your best interests but as a way to raise the value of the works by charging after a few hours (the average is 4) when it is evident that the detection will likely take the whole day. In our opinion, an hourly rate stresses the process and is too easy to abuse, or there might be a perception of abuse even when unfounded.

An excellent example of this is a heating leak, most customers have no idea how long it takes to drain a heating system down through a tiny little valve that is often partially blocked. On average, draining the system properly takes about 1-2 hours. Whilst there are a few things to examine while this is happening, you are just waiting and burning through that 4 hours with no detection being carried out.

There is also writing the report and refilling the system, these all take time, and you would be right to question if this time was being spent efficiently or if the time was being inflated to charge more.

UK Leak Detection charge for the day as required, not an hourly rate.

We feel that this takes the stress out of the detection; our customers can calmly explain the problem and discuss with our technician the options and processes undertaken.

Our technicians can be more thorough without this time limit hanging over their heads, particularly when they want to double-check something!

Once located, time can be taken to discuss the next steps and how this connects to insurance claims and restoration works.