Swimming pools are fun for all all the family, great to keep fit, a haven to relax in and the focus of attention.

Unfortunately they can also be utterly frustrating when they leak, water is not cheap when constantly filling a pool. The fear is the pool structure is leaking but the reality is that this is rarely the case, often the damage is from frost or failed termination and quite close to the surface or edge of the pool. Finding it though, can be a challenge; tiles and concrete make small repairs difficult, if only the leak could be localized…

Regardless of whether the pool is full or empty UK Leak Detection have a proven method of finding leaks in the pipes or pool structure…

Using diving equipment we methodically examine the structure of the pool. Areas of concern are marked and tested or sealant used on the pool structure, even underwater!

Once satisfied with the structure, we use trace gas to purge the pipes and track a leak on the surface to a smaller area, minimizing the area of damage, often to a single paving slab.

Once identified, a semi-permanent repair may be possible. Blanking off the line that is leaking with a bung, or sealing the pool structure allows continued use of the pool.

This service is provided on a ‘no find no fee’ basis, if we cannot find your leak, you don’t pay a penny, fair and a first in the industry!

You might also be able to recover the cost under your building insurance often making this a free* leak detection and repair service.

In order to efficiently deal with your pool and bring the correct diving equipment our engineer will need to know some details about the pool:

Inside or outside?

Liner or solid construction?




Clean? (Would you or your children swim in it?)

Distance from pool to pump house?

Pool maintenance person available either on site or by phone when we visit?

What point does the pool drop to? (Needs to be accurately marked)

Please read our Terms and conditions for full details and call our engineers on 0800 228 9000 with any queries and to book your Swimming pool leak detection.