UK leak detection is second to none in roof and balconied leak detection. We are able to identify the leak location or penetration points to surrounding structures of your flat roof or balcony, by using the latest leak detection equipment and techniques, including…

Wet testing method:

First we spray water over the roof/balcony and a trace cable is laid around the perimeter of the roof, which creates an electrical field. We are then able to detect the earth leakage point within this field, through electrical pulses emitted from the trace cable to our electrical probes.

“Holiday” Detection or Dry testing method:

Generally referred to as “dry testing”. This method is used on any flat or low-pitched roof to identify pinholes and punctures in the roofs surface.

When tested the equipment will use a direct current voltage across the roof surface and a visual spark and a tone will be emitted from the testing probe to identify the location of the leak.

Thermal imaging roof or balcony leak detection:

We use a thermography to identify the leak location with a thermal imaging camera. These cameras are non-invasive method to show differences in surface temperature, allowing us to identify where the leak is coming from with minimal disruption to you and your property.

Trace gas leak detection equipment:

Trace gas is non-toxic and will not harm your property or the environment. It is used to detect leaks on flat roofs and balconies and surrounding structures. This specialist gas is released beneath the leak area and makes its way to the surface, allowing us to detect your leak with our gas detector where it escapes. This allows us to locate your leak to a specific area,

We use this method on flat Roofs and balconies for its accuracy and non-invasive technology, as it does not cause any damage to your property.

These methods can also be used to confirm the soundness of a roof or balcony as well as the location of transient or occasional leaks, which we have a very high success rate in finding.

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  • Often Carried out on a no find no fee basis
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  • Keeping costs at a minimum
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  • Minimize property damage and disruption
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