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England’s Water Supplies Could Be ‘At Serious Risk’


The UK Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is calling for urgent action to remedy the leaky water supplies, with a league of the leakiest suppliers to pressure them into action. Unfortunately, the reaction of water companies to this pressure is often to simply pass the blame onto the consumer and start issuing often inaccurate leak notifications to customers across the network; threatening legal action of enforced civil works with huge costs. When we are called to a leak notification by our customers, the data we have is about 50% of these we find there is no leak, or it is in [...]

England’s Water Supplies Could Be ‘At Serious Risk’2020-07-10T08:38:50+00:00

Coronavirus: Water firms issue blockage warning as people use toilet paper ‘alternatives’


Drains and sewers are in danger of becoming blocked as people use wet wipes, paper towels - and possibly even newspaper - because they can't find loo roll at the supermarket. Water companies in the UK and Australia have warned against using alternatives which are unflushable. They say if there is no other option, wipes and kitchen roll should be disposed of in the bin. Read in Sky News: https://apple.news/AF6RyTWpfQoesJIYoYqX_rg

Coronavirus: Water firms issue blockage warning as people use toilet paper ‘alternatives’2020-03-19T06:01:57+00:00

High Water Bill or Received Waste Water Notice


Stuck with a high water bill or water waste notification? Often it is not your fault and you should not have to pay it! In this case our trace gas proved that the leak was inside water authorities equipment and not our customers responsibility to repair. You can see it bubbling up and a trace located with our equipment, no other gas would set it off like this and proves the leak location. This is a really good example of when the water main is leaking at the meter, but the local water authority tell you its your problem and [...]

High Water Bill or Received Waste Water Notice2020-07-10T09:06:51+00:00

And the wooden spoon award goes to…


One of our engineers attended a property to locate a leak and dam issue. They had an odd smell from under the sink and could not work out why it was damp in the kitchen.They had moved in a couple of months ago and where the previous owners had fitted a dish washer, the new owners decided to have a tumble dryer.Sadly, they left them a booby trap...

And the wooden spoon award goes to…2018-06-21T17:39:30+00:00

Bizarre Leak Detection in London


First, let me thank our customer for letting us share the results of the leak detection carried out quite a while ago now. Most of the leak detections we carry out follow pretty standard methods and the leaks are caused by only a few sources. Sometimes a real puzzle turns up and our engineers just love something to get their teeth into. Our customer had reported an odd round patch of damp on the wall and had investigated themselves and tried another leak detection company without success… Coming in after another company, always raises the stakes and the customer was [...]

Bizarre Leak Detection in London2020-02-18T13:48:44+00:00

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