Swimming Pool

It’s that time of year, the sun has (finally) put in a concerted appearance and it’s time to enjoy your pool!

However leaks can become a real problem as they consume water and require constant attention to chemical levels, too low and it’s a green pond or too high and it’s like taking a swim in paint stripper! Repairing a swimming pool is often quite easy if you can find the leak, but holding your breath for an hour is a skill not many have.

This is where being able to dive the pool while using our leak detection equipment becomes essential to locating what the issue is and finding an efficient method to either repair the swimming pool or mitigate the problem.

This is when pool leak detection becomes essential and with better weather we can leave the dry-suit at home and stop needing emergency supplies of hot chocolate…brr!

If we are really lucky the customers dog jumps in to lend a hand!

So if you have a pool that’s become a headache, we can help find what’s leaking and often make a quick repair or bung the offending line….We’re not pool ‘engineers’ but can deal with some simple issues.

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